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Tired of advice like "just read more"?
Master writing with Benjamin Franklin's training drills.
FranklinWrite helps writers master their craft
by automating Benjamin Franklin's 7 training drills
Benjamin Franklin

Born into poverty, Benjamin Franklin dropped out of school at age 10. According to his autobiography, teenage Franklin was not good at writing, so he created 7 drills to teach himself.

These 7 drills then turned him into one of the most accomplished American writers of all time!

What Users are Saying

FranklinWrite streamlines the process of studying your favorite authors, so you can improve your craft with better efficiency. This is a tried and true method updated and revitalized. Do yourself a favor and try it out. I've noticed a huge improvement in my own writing.
J. T. Hamilton
J. T. Hamilton
Short Story Author
Using this tool, even just a few times, has really sharpened my perception - last time I sat down to read a book, I could watch myself mentally editing it. FranklinWrite is like 'Teach yourself writing: the video game'.
Vegard Beyer
Vegard Beyer
Co-founder at Future Matters Project
As an aspiring writer, I am grateful that FranklinWrite exists. FranklinWrite eases much of the friction associated with Benjamin Franklin's drills so we can all get better at crafting the kind of sentences we love to read.
Ananthu M.C.
Ananthu M.C.
Aspiring Writer
FranklinWrite has helped me greatly with its deliberate approach to writing through automated drills and immediate feedbacks that you can previously only get from a live tutor. I couldn’t recommend it more!
Kent Dong
Kent Dong
Student at Cornell University
FranklinWrite is such a steady way to practice and improve writing, the one thing most aspiring artists like me need the most.
José Eduardo Bohórquez
Aspiring Writer from Ecuador
Just wanted to say I've done this 2 times this morning and saw significant improvement - both in time, and my ability to remember/write the passage. It improved in the way that I learned how to write it so I remember what the actually passage was.
Avriel O'Connor
Avriel O'Connor
UX/UI Designer and Design team manager

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"When people today hear about what Franklin did, they generally marvel not at the brilliance of his practice design but at his ability to carry it through. It seems like so much work. The truth is that in theory anyone could have followed his routine; anyone still can, and it would be highly effective. But nobody does it, not even students who are studying writing."

Geoff Colvin, Author of Talent Is Overrated

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